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Villa Petriolo

Villa Petriolo offers a reconnection with nature without losing luxury and comfort. Our structure offers its visitors the experience of Tuscany in its entirety. Villa Petriolo is located in the precise point that allows the perfect balance between Tuscan nature and Florentine art and lifestyle, thanks to its proximity to the great city of Florence. We want to transform what the Earth has given us, without being transgressive, but on the contrary, to be sustainable and make everything part of the cycle. This is why we grow, produce and serve our products. From the land to the table, a prestigious restaurant where local flavors and techniques are recovered and in unison with the passion placed in each dish redefine the way to discover the cuisine of Cerreto Guidi.

Green Philosophy

In our structure there are 25 km of paths that can be traveled on foot or by bicycle that offer the possibility of real contact with nature, even wild, allowing you to get to know the farmyard animals and the aquatic oasis of our educational farm up close (itinerary 6 km), to discover the traces of the inhabitants of the forest and the varied landscapes of the enchanting Tuscan countryside. With us dolce vita, dolce far niente but also being free to do what you want. At Villa Petriolo it happens every day: picnics and aperitifs, outdoor experiences, wine and extra virgin olive oil tasting, truffle hunting, beekeeping, trekking, mountain biking, falconry lessons, sheep farming, cooking lessons for all levels with our chefs and with our KM0 products entirely produced by our farm, from typical Tuscan recipes to food design, guided artistic visits and many other activities that you can only discover by visiting our facility.


The farmhouse is the fulcrum of Villa Petriolo, where everything comes from: our farmhouse tries to combine traditional recreation and contact with rural life with the knowledge of the road and peasant traditions. We try to promote to our guests benefits such as cultural richness, the maintenance of the environment, the humane treatment and experience, the wonder of nature and landscapes, the historical remains of the place and the immediate participation in our activities. All this makes the experience unforgettable. The goal is to enjoy the road and not just the destination, this is where history is retraced with a touch of modernity and elegance.

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