The Osteria

di Golpaja

is in Cerreto Guidi within the Villa Petriolo complex. The Villa Petriolo farm is located in the open countryside between Cerreto Guidi and Fucecchio, reachable from both locations, the main entrance is from Fucecchio via Via Valbugiana.



The Osteria is the daughter of a project by Stefano Pinciaroli and Lorenzo Caponi who, thanks to the meeting with Héctor Cuadra and Daniele Nannetti, created two restaurants in Villa Petriolo. An ambitious 360 ° project that encompasses an organic farm, beautiful guest rooms and therefore two restaurants:

PS Restaurant, to fully enjoy a food and wine experience, with dishes inspired by tradition reinterpreted by the chef’s imagination through cutting-edge cooking techniques and the Osteria di Golpaja, with Tuscan cuisine more faithful to itself.

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