Her Majesty

the Florentine Steak

We are honored to present His Majesty par excellence among Tuscan dishes, not a simple dish but a religion for the Tuscans. Discover the secrets from choosing meat to cooking and the secrets to make it unique while enjoying a typical Italian aperitif on our panoramic terrace in the late afternoon and walking in our enchanting countryside area located on the Florentine hills, one of the most prestigious DOCG areas where you can produces Chianti.

Here, along the way, hills of vineyards and olive groves form the perfect backdrop to your trip. You will recognize the unique beauty of our land between the countryside and the hill towns that you will see here and there, such as Cerreto Guidi and Vinci, birthplace of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci.

After enjoying the real Florentine steak, we recommend that you take your time to enjoy the beautiful villages and unforgettable landscapes or simply immerse yourself in the nature of Villa Petriolo.


Every days at 12:00 and 19:00


2.5 hours


Individuals | Groups


Typical Italian aperitif, tasting of wine and extra virgin olive oil and lunch or dinner with tasting of three wines, tasting of extra virgin olive oil, appetizers, main course, Florentine or sliced ​​steak (can be flavored with parmesan and rocket), sweet.

NOT INCLUDED: Everything not written under “Included”.

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