Wild Life

Falcon Trainer for a Day

An invitation to discover, through an association of young falconers and collaborators, the wild beauty of these splendid species of birds of prey. Enjoy the experience of being a falconer for a day at Villa Petriolo and these young people passionate about nature!

Falcon Trainer
for a Day

Wild Life

Villa Petriolo cooperates with a young association of expert in prey birds training. This group of young passionate trainers is united by their love for nature and those birds species. Villa Petriolo wants to contribute as much as it can in sharing the beauty behind this world by supporting the acknowledgment of these stunning species and by keeping alive this ancient practice. Try to experience being a falcon trainer for a day! At Villa Petriolo you can find a typical Tuscan nature which coexists with these several marvellous species of prey birds.

Monday on Sunday
2 / 8 Pax

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Falcon Trainer for a day

Wine tasting can be added to this experience, offering both the Classic and Premium packages.

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