Cooking Class

Medici Cooking Class

In the 'Land of the Renaissance' the culinary culture was very different but no less delicious! Can you imagine the favorite dish of the De Medici family? What did they eat at that time? Thanks to an Expert Chef at your service, you will discover history in a new and unexpected way.

Medici Cooking Class


The “Land of Reaissance” is also linked to Cerreto Guidi because of the famous villa owned by the Medici Family, it is nowadays heritage of our local territory. Come and learn the history while cooking with our chef traditional receipts beloved by all the European aristocratic families that were visiting our region during the Medici dynasty. Our Chef will guide you through the traditional receipts, the experience will be followed by a delicious meal of the dishes prepared.

Monday to Friday | Morning Only
1:30h Cooking Class + Lunch
2 / 8 Pax

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medici cooking class

Wine tasting can be added to this experience, offering both the Classic and Premium packages

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