The Tuscan hilly landscape – the one celebrated by artists, writers and filmmakers – is the result of man’s work and his secular and symbiotic relationship with nature. In this area, vineyards and olive groves cover the eye as far as the eye can see, oil and wine dominate our economy, our gastronomic culture, our way of being. This is why the care of these crops is the care of our own identity and this is why we take care of them according to the criteria of organic farming, without chemistry, respecting the gift that our land continues to give us: a good for the our metabolism and a pleasure for our palates.

Petriolo extra virgin olive oil is rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats with low acidity, the wines are the perfect synthesis of the terroir of these hills. It is no coincidence that Villa Petriolo has always stood out in wine production for the balance between intensity, structure and drinkability. Today, like yesterday, the farm tries to maintain this record, constantly improving the quality of its wines, four reds – Chianti, Chianti Riserva and Rosso I.G.T – a rosé and a fruity white.

The visit to the estate and cellars of Villa Petriolo will end with a tasting of oil and our wines, accompanied by hot and cold appetizers.

  • Wednesday and Saturday at 11 AM
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 5 PM

1.5 hours


Individuals | Groups


Guided tour, tasting of 3 wines, extra virgin olive oil, cold and hot aperitifs.

NOT INCLUDED: Everything not written under “Included”.

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