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Let’s start an incredible journey into the Tuscan countryside to discover some of the many Tuscan food secrets. A deep jump into our view of Agritourism where hills of vineyards and olive groves are a perfect background of your journey. They contribute with the typical rolling hills to create an unique atmosphere worldwide know and celebrated by many artists from painters to movie makers. This is possible thank to the work of human being too that here in Tuscany has been designed the landscape respecting the mother earth, here, you can see, touch and breath the marvelous union between mankind and nature exploring the valley.

Especially the olive tree and wine have ruled our economy, our gastronomy and our culture of life, here, without any chemical systems the production of olive oil and wine is authentic, organic and wealthy, a gift to human metabolism and a pleasure for the taste. Our e.v.o. is rich of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats with a vey low acidity. Experienced workers will explain you the oil processing methods. You will taste high-quality products, result of a precise selection of the olives that, according to a secular tradition, must be collected directly
from the trees to selected very carefully.

Our wines both reds and whites are ( descrizione dei vini: proprieta’ organolettiche e sentori Lorenzo Caponi) caratteristiche comuni a diversificazioni specifiche. Next, a delicious tasting and lunch will be served. It will include the products of the farmhouse, including wine, cheese, oil, seasonal vegetables and fruit, homemade jams, Tuscan bread and dessert. After some relaxing time, your personal guide will lead you to another typical Tuscan farm, famous for the production of honey. Beehives have always adorned the fields of the farm and newly harvested honey has always smacked children’s and adults’ lips.

Bee breeding is incredibly enchanting; getting near to this small but tireless and very organized world you can easily remain enchanted. The local expert, who lives in the countryside every day, will explain you the fundamental role that bees perform in the pollination of plants. They contribute to maintaining our Earth beautiful and varied. You will take part to the tour of the factory and next you will taste their amazing honeys. For the more adventurous or beekeepers, there is the chance to visit the bee station with beekeeper’s suit and gloves for opening the box and visit the bee family. Next, a nice walk across our rolling hills will lead you to our cheese make that produces only using traditional methods and exclusively his own milk.

The milk is collected every morning while the sheep graze in the fields surrounding the stable. An expert will guide you among the vineyard and the dairy explaining you the process and secrets of the cheese’s production. At the end of this day enjoy a nice aperitivo in our terrace.


6.5 hours


Individuals | Groups


Aperitif, wine , honey , cheese Tastings with light Lunch > three or four wine tasting, extra virgin olive oil tasting , appetizers, main course, dessert.
Apertif, wine, honey and cheese Tastings and Lunch > three or four wine tasting, extra virgin olive oil tasting, appetizers, main course, second course, dessert.

NOT INCLUDED: Everything not written under “Included”.

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