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Cooking Classes

Whether you are an experienced cook or new to cooking, let us accompany you to discover traditional Tuscan dishes and prepare them together with one of our chefs, here at Villa Petriolo, where the short supply chain and organic products are not just theory, but daily practice.

It starts with the preparation of fresh egg pasta, a pillar of Tuscan Sunday lunches: you will be able to choose between pappardelle, tagliatelle or tagliolini, between stuffed pasta and potato gnocchi. The dough (except for the gnocchi) is always the same, eggs and flour, your imagination will complete the first course and finally the dessert.

You will take home a precious souvenir: knowing how to make a delicious and healthy meal with simplicity. Without effort, having fun.

The cooking class is followed by lunch, and then you will be your own judges! A couple of glasses of Villa Petriolo wine will make you less strict! And finally, some free time before leaving: if you want to rest or take a walk on the estate, it’s up to you!

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM

3.5 hours


Individuals | Groups


Cooking school with tasting of a glass of wine, tasting of extra virgin olive oil
olive, appetizers, fresh pasta, dessert.

NOT INCLUDED: Everything not written under “Included”.

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