One of the most ancient town in Tuscany:

Volterra and its surroundings

Meet your deliver at your hotel lobby and departure to Vollera. one of the most andet in Tuscany and not far from Florence and Se What you will experience today an authentic journey to discover the hidden gemi of Tuncary Forget crowd and bang line at the tourtat attractions and the into the real Tuscan atmosphere The Encan origin of Voltere still visible whide walking along the walls of the town that have been defensive for all the later history, during the Roman and the Middle Ages times. t outside the walls, you can admire the Analogical wree with a well premver Roman theater and other remains. Take your time to stroll on the town admiring Piaa del Priort with h oldeit town hal in Tuscany, and the Dome a perfect mix of Romanesque and Renalitance art. During the visit you can see a handcraft Alabaster shop arid discover the method of working of the tone, symbol of the town since b Etruscan origin Your day trip will continue to the visit of a typical example of an ancient Tuscan Farm. The center of the Tenuta composed of the main villa and imaller building that has been the house of the formwortom. Bar and the winery The activities at the Tenuta have been kept until today, so you will vit the wine cellar, the ol mill at work depending on the sesional period) and you will enjoy a delicious light lunch of local product After a relaxing lunch break. a comfortable drive will lead you to another pearl of Tuscany: Colle Val dEha, a lovely hilltop to that, thanks to it position, as always bees contested between Flormoe and Siema If Volte is renowned for Ite Alabaster handicraft tredition. Colle Val d’Elsa is well-known for crystal glass production You can reach the upper toe directly by car or entering the stone tunnel that leads to the public and lead you to e breathtaking terrace Take your Time to walk along the lovely and coy a admiring historical buildings and the beautiful Duomo Colle Valls the best recommendation for those who want to e a smaller les crowded medieval town that offers a unique atmosphere At the end of the tour your personal driver will lend you back to your location.





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