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Villa Petriolo

Villa Petriolo is located in the precise point that allows the perfect balance between the Tuscan nature and the Florentine art and lifestyle, due to its proximity to the great city of Florence. Nature is our main line, from where everything comes: It combines traditional recreation and contact with rural life, knowing the way and peasant traditions associating participation and active observation. Benefits such as the cultural wealth, the maintenance of the environment, the human treat and the experience, the amazement of nature and landscapes, the historical remains of the place and the immediate participation on the activities such as : pic-nics, trekking, wine tastings, cooking classes, truffle huntings,sheepherding, cultural visits. All of it makes the experience unforgettable. The goal is to enjoy the road and not just the destination, it is where history is traced. Each path with its “highlight”

Dolce vita, dolce far niente but also being free to do whatever you want.
At Villa Petriolo it happens every day.