Wine and Evo

Lovers Half Day Tour

    Meet us and our Tuscany where hills of vineyards and olive groves are a perfect background of your journey.

    They contribute with the typical rolling hills to create an unique atmosphere worldwide know and celebrated by many artists from painters to movie makers.

    This is possible thank to the work of human being too that here in Tuscany has been designed the landscape respecting the mother earth, here, you can see, touch and breath the marvelous union between mankind and nature exploring the valley.

    Especially the olive tree and wine have ruled our economy, our gastronomy and our culture of life, here, without any chemical systems the production of olive oil and wine is authentic, organic and wealthy, a gift to human metabolism and a pleasure for the taste. Our e.v.o. is rich of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats with a vey low acidity.

    Our wines four beautiful reds ( Chianti, Chianti Riserva, Red I.G.T. ) one charming rose’ and a fruitable white are the most authentic way as the expressive power of this wonderful land. Villa Petriolo has always stood out over the centuries for wine production by offering the right balance between intensity, elegance, structure and drinkability and starting from this primacy, our desire is to repeat and if possible improve what has always been realized at the farmhouse.

    You will recognize the quality of our olive groves and our vineyards to produce high quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil , our best Chianti and Super Tuscan wines, a fantastic journey among the countryside and we will lead you to discover our methods of production, an intense visit our winery and cellars and taste our best products.

    2 hrs.

    • Wine Tasting > three or four wine tasting
    • Extra virgin olive oil tasting,cold
    • Hot appetizers.

    NOT INCLUDED: Everything not written under “Included”.

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