Villa Petriolo

An integral complex, a villa restored and transformed into an agricultural estate, where centuries of history are reflected. The stimulation of senses by the nature, the possibility of accommodation to take the experience beyond, everything in conjuction, hostes you the most intimate of Tuscany.

Villa Petriolo is located in the precise point that
allows the perfect balance between the Tuscan
nature and the Florentine art and lifestyle, due
to its proximity to the great city of Florence


Villa Petriolo

 Maintains the best of traditional values while continually introducing new service standards and the latest technology as befits the modern world. Guests have the assurance of friendly and highly professional staff combined with the advantage of all the latest business and entertainment systems, in rooms and throughout the hotel.

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As part of this complex there is an exclusive Spa, a dedicated relax center that seeks the luxury, the sensorial sophistication by the simple fact of coming back to oneself’s essence, to recovery, encounter with the inner self and connect with it while the countryside landscapes break your daily routine.



Find yourself immersed in the Tuscan
experience, the redefinition of luxury and
the possibility of rediscovering the local
essence of La Dolce Vita.

We want to transform what Earth has
given us, without being transgressive,
but the opposite, to be sustainable
and make everything part of the cycle.
That’s why we farm, produce and
serve our own productsita.



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