Osteria di Golpaja

The Osteria di Golpaja is a characteristic restaurant that represents Tuscany in its true essence. Typical dishes that recall the flavors of a rustic land, but lively, colorful, characteristic. It is precisely here that you can savor the real Tuscany as it once was, like that of our ancestors; authentic and direct with strong but delicious flavors just like our hilly region.
CHEF & maître
Stefano Pinciaroli & Lorenzo Caponi
Regional | Tuscan cuisine
Days and Times
Always open | 12 PM/2:30 PM | 7PM/10:30PM
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+39 0571 165 6184


the taste of tuscany

A tavern surrounded by the hills of Cerreto Guidi with traditional Tuscan cuisine more faithful to itself. Here you can taste all the dishes of the region such as ossobuco, cold cuts, cod with onions; all dishes that are part of our culture. Furthermore, in our restaurant we always evaluate the quality of each of our ingredients. Every little element, such as vegetables and herbs, represents a large part of the quality and excellence of the dish. We believe in it a lot and that is why we have decided that all these ingredients must be KM0 directly grown or reared on the Villa Petriolo farm to guarantee our customers an excellent product.