Cooking Class

Cooking Class Pasta & Pizza

If we talk about Italy, we cannot fail to mention cuisine and the vast gastronomic heritage associated with it. Thanks to this Class, you will learn how to make properly the two cornerstones of our nation; Pasta and Pizza! Discover all the secrets of their creation together with a Chef, to become a real expert.

Cooking Class
Pasta & Pizza


Italy is famous for its cuisine and all the cultural around this world. Homemade pasta and pizza are a cliché of our tradition. During the class you will kneading the dough with your hands to create the most popular Italian dishes. Our Chef will share with you the secrets of our cuisine, this will be one of the best souvenir that you will take back home with you. After the cooking class, you will have a delicious meal of the pasta & pizza prepared during the class.

Monday to Friday | Morning only
1:30h Cooking Class + Lunch
2 / 8 Pax

Discover the Experience

Cooking Class Pasta & Pizza

Wine tasting can be added to this experience, offering both the Classic and Premium packages.

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