From Farm to Skin

Mind, body, soul and skin

The holistic approach of new Holistic Wellness Retreat at Villa Petriolo project returns to the philosophical root of the therapeutic idea that prefers the whole as a higher entity than the simple sum of the parts. The discipline of wellness and mental detox is not an Eastern privilege but is rather well established in the Western tradition since Aristotle's formulation in the Metaphysics defines it as, "all things having many parts, and the whole of which is not like a mass." Holistic Wellness Retreat at Villa Petriolo is based on the recovery of this very axiom, proposing an all-around wellness place.

Wellness from Nature

Reservations open as of July 10

The holistic well-being of this place comes first and foremost from the territory in which it is located and which provides the elements for the creation of those products that help the health of mind, body, soul and skin, the first protective filter towards the world. A retreat where wellness is built on many levels: through the proposal of its small restaurant and bar and thanks to the possibility of sleeping inside to complete the cycle of wellness. Food, extracts and supplements are based on the medicinal herbs from the Villa Petriolo botanical garden where the Holistic Wellness Retreat is built.

Amplifying Your Experience

Reservations open as of July 10

The tranquility and well-being that nature already instills is amplified by the experience of the multi-sensory rituals one receives inside the Holistic Wellness Retreat. During the treatment, direct contact with the farm’s raw materials, the harmonious fusion of scents and colors, and gentle 6D music will make it a unique experience. In nature we can seek psycho-physical well-being, lowering stress and tension, thanks to the air we breathe and the presence of trees, wonderful living beings that give us great benefits.

A prodigious place where scientific knowledge merges with the holistic view of life, in a continuous exchange between earth and man, environment and soul, part and whole.

News in a nutshell

The new Holistic Wellness Retreat at Villa Petriolo will be a new world waiting to be discovered, where every treatment, every product, and every massage are designed down to the smallest detail to give you the truest and most authentic naturalistic experience.

All these experiences will be closely linked to nature and the raw materials that are born in this magnificent territory, but there will also be dedicated cosmetic products, which can also be purchased soon on our website, so you can experience this synergy between nature and man at home as well. Scroll through our Slider to get a taste of this world.

The relationship between trees and raw materials is the essence of Villa Petriolo's treatments and products. Exclusive treatments, for every kind of need, all made according to nature.
Cosmetics Line
Villa Petriolo produces natural and certified cosmetics with raw materials grown on its farm. Among the cosmetic products you will find the botanical line, the professional line for spas, the Florelisir line, and the artisanal perfumery, with inebriating fragrances created with natural essences.
The world of massage is truly fascinating; regardless of the type you choose, each of our massages will help you become aware of your body and restore balance to the body.
Couple's Rituals
Couples massages and wellness paths designed for two people. This may be the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and someone dear to you to a special gift, surrounded by the greenery of the rolling Tuscan hills.

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