Holistic Wellness Retreat | Reservations open from July 10

From Farm to SPA
Reservations open as of July 10

The holistic approach of Villa Petriolo’s Holistic Wellness Retreat project returns to the philosophical root of the therapeutic idea that prefers the whole as a higher entity than the simple sum of the parts. The discipline of wellness and mental detox is not an Eastern privilege but is rather well established in the Western tradition since Aristotle’s formulation in the Metaphysics defines it as, “all things having many parts, and the whole of which is not like a mass.” Villa Petriolo’s Holistic Wellness Retreat is based on the recovery of this very axiom, proposing an all-around wellness place.

The new Villa Petriolo’s Holistic Wellness Retreat will be a new world waiting to be discovered, where every treatment, every product, and every massage are designed down to the smallest detail to give you the truest and most authentic naturalistic experience.

All these experiences will be closely related to nature and the raw materials that are born in this magnificent territory, but there will also be dedicated cosmetic products, which can also be purchased soon on our website, so you can experience this synergy between nature and man at home as well.

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