A restaurant with its own personality that highlights it and shows it within every item, not only in its food but in the experience as a whole. A restaurant worthy of a Michelin star, headed by Stefano Pinciaroli, a chef with a long career and executed to achieve a supreme service, purposeful and innovative food that takes up the cuisine of the region being a destination point in Tuscany.

We want to be the story you tell


We want to be the space that finds the coincidence between each one of the senses, the precise pairing between the taste that floods the palate and the wave of memories that enter through the smell while it produces goosebumps on your skin, with the sound of the wind in the background that makes the leaves of the vines dance, we want to be the saucer that transcends, the anecdote that transports the eternal moment that lasts just what an instant lasts, paying homage to our Tuscany, our Cerreto Guidi, our Villa Petriolo.

The congruence with everything we do, what we grow is what you eat, the vineyards you can walk through are the grapes that will fill your glass, the raw material and the final product: they are all in here.

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